Art-Atelier have been running artist-led experimental and structured art classes and holiday workshops from our studio in Wandsworth for over 25 years.

Our philosophy is to inspire a love of art in all its forms and to bring out the best in each individual.  A strong fine art bias underpins all our teaching, so that drawing and painting form the basis for most of our projects.

If you would like to make an enquiry about our weekly art classes, please do get in touch on the email address below:


Hermione Carline is a multimedia artist and oil painter, exhibiting widely in the UK and overseas. Teaching has always played an important part in her life, and her earlier teaching experience as a visiting lecturer at Brighton College of Art led her to establish Art-Atelier in 1992.

Rosie Roberts is a freelance illustrator and printmaker. Clients include The Guardian, The New York Times & Condé Nast. Rosie has been teaching with Art-Atelier for seven years and incorporates her love of collage, painting and drawing into her classes.

Josie Hunter is an art director, designer and maker. She works within the film, theatre and events industries. Josie has been teaching with Art-Atelier since 2013, taking regular holiday workshops. She brings her passion for drawing and creativity into her teaching.

Madeleine Hunter is a freelance set designer, working across the fashion, live event and film industries. She has been teaching with Art-Atelier for over 8 years, as well as running occasional mural & prop workshops. She uses her love of working in 3D to develop exciting art teaching projects.