Hermione Carline

Hermione Carline is a multimedia artist and oil painter, creating paintings, works on paper and original prints from her studio in London. Drawing, photography and digital montage are important components in her practise, along with intricate paper cut stencils. She’s inspired by architecture and the natural world, both close to home and far away and these experiences become like snapshots in her memory. Themes come and go and reappear again, so that she’s not defined by subject, but it is through her artistic process and her way of seeing and observing three dimensional forms as abstract shapes that link her work together.

After completing her MA at The Royal College of Art, Hermione worked as a textile designer, co-founding the design studio, The Collection; where clients included Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior and Ralph Lauren. The studio created ‘stories’ of designs in particular themes and styles, producing around six collections a year. Hermione says, “This earlier career has an abiding influence on how I use colour and create themes or series in my work now.”


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